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If you don't believe or think about the horror animals endure then see it first hand ...

a 'Live Camera' in a German Slaughterhouse

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Animal Rights WWW Resources

Animals Australia (ANZFAS)
Founded in 1980, The Australian and New Zealand
Federation of Animal Societies is a non-profit
umberella organiztion for about 40
animal-protection groups.

Animals Concerns
The Animal Concerns Community is a project
of the EnviroLink Network , a non-profit
organization which has been providing access
to thousands of online environmental and
animal rights/welfare resources since 1991.
This community serves as a clearinghouse
for information on the Internet related to
animal rights and welfare.

Ark Online
ARK ONLINE is the online magazine for people
that care about animals.

CITES Homepage
CITES (the Convention on International
Trade in Endangered Species of Wild
Fauna and Flora
) is an international
agreement between Governments.
Its aim is to ensure that international
trade in specimens of wild animals
and plants does not threaten their survival.

Defenders of Wildlife Web Page
is dedicated to the protection of all native animals
and plants in their natural communities. They
focus their programs on what scientists consider
to be two of the most serious environmental
threats to the planet: the accelerating rate of
extinction of species and the associated loss
of biological diversity, and habitat
alteration and destruction.

Environmental Organization Web Directory
bills itself as "Earth's biggest Environment Search
Engine". believe them, you need to check this one out.

Farm Sanctuary
is an American non-profit organization
dedicated to ending the expotation of animals
used for food production. Also a home for over
300 hundred abused, injured animals on their
175 acre farm in upstate New York. "Today,
Farm Sanctuary is not only the first but the
largest permanent sanctuary for victims
of Factory Farms in the United States."

HerbWeb Animal Rights Resource
is a very informative, imaginative web resource
put together by
David Pearce in the U.K.
I especially enjoyed his "Home Page or
Herbivores." You will find photographs of
the wonderful, gentle plant-eating animals that
we hunt. This web site has many twists and turns.

International Fund for Animal Welfare(IFAW)
Their mission is to promote and ensure kind treatment
of animals. that includes improving the quality of the
lives of the animals and their environment, preserving
animals from extinction, preventing and abolishing
animal cruelty and ensuring the offshore Canadian
and Norwegian hunt for Harp and Hooded Seals in
the Northwest Atlantic is brought to an end.

PAWS Homepage
(Progressive Animal Welfare Society) This site
has loads of good info, well worth a look!

PETA On-line
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, with
more than a half million people, is the largest
animal rights foundation in the world. Founded in
1980, PETA is dedicated to establishing and
protecting the rights of all animals. PETA operates
under the simple principle, animals are ours not
to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.

The Pet Counselor
is a really fun, web page for people that
love animals. You can ask pet psycologist,
Kay Cox, for pet counseling advice, check out
Dr. Peppersauce's column(written by a Persian cat),
take the Pet Test, or simply kick back and enjoy an
informative web site put together by a person that
loves and respects our animal friends.
Lots of Cat photos too.

Twilight's Animal Rights Page
is a home page dedicated to educating people on
the right's of animals.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
is the world's largest and most experienced
independent \conservation organization,
with over 4.7 million supporters.
WWF's mission is to conserve nature and
ecological processes.

A wonderful resource I highly recommend.



A partial list of extinct vertebrates

that lived in the United States of America,
United States Territories and Canada since

This list was provide by Kenneth Mallory and
compiled by James D. Williams and Ronald M. Nowak.
It appears in the book, The Last Extinction
. The book, 
The Last Extinction was published in association with the
New England Aquarium in 1993.

The March of Extinct Animals

It continues to grow

Data Format: Common name, Scientific name,
State or region,
Date of extinction


Miller Lake Lamprey
Lampetra minima
Oregon, 1953

Longjaw Cisco
Coregonus Alpenae
Great Lakes: Lake Erie, Huron,
Michigan, 1970's

Blackfin Cisco
Coregonus Nigripinnis
Great Lakes: Lakes Huron, Michigan,

Ontario, Superior, 1960's

Yellow Cutthroat Trout
Salmo Clarki Macdonaldi
Colorado, 1910

Silver Trout
Salvelinus Agassizi
New Hampshire, 1930's

Thicktail Chub
Gila Crassicauda
California, 1957

Whiteline Topminnow
Fundulus Albolineatus
Alabama, 1900

Amistad Gambusia
Gambusia Amistadensis
Texas, 1977

Blue Pike
Stizostedion Vitreum Glaucum
Great Lakes: Erie, Ontario, 1971

Utah Lake Sculpin
Cottus Echninatus
Utah, 1928

Harelip Sucker
Lagochila Lacera
Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana,
Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, 1900

Tecopa Pupfish
Cyprinodon Nevadensis Calidae
California, 1942

Shoshone Pupfish
Cyprinodon Nevadensis Shoshone
California, 1966

Raycraft Ranch Killifish
Empetrichthys Latos Concavus
Nevada, 1960

Pahrump Ranch Killifish
Empetrichthys Latos Pahrump
Nevada, 1956


Pahrangat Spinedace
Lepidomeda Altivelis
Nevada, 1940

Phantom Shiner
Notropis Orca
New Mexico, Texas, Mexico, 1975

Bluntnose Shiner
Notropis Simus Simus
New Mexico, Texas, 1964

Clear Lake Splittail
Pogonichthys Ciscoides
California, 1970

Las Vegas Dace
Rhinichthys Deaconi
Nevada, 1950's

June Sucker
Chasmistes Liorus Liorus
Utah, 1935

Snake River Sucker
Chasmistes Muriei
Wyoming, 1928

Independence Valley Tui Chub
Gila Bicolor Isolata
Nevada, 1970

Banff Longnose Dace
Rhinichthys Cataractae Smithi
Alberta, 1982

Grass Valley Speckled Dace
Rhinichthys Osculus Relinquus
Nevada, 1950

Ash Meadows Killifish
Empetrichthys Merriami
Nevada, 1957

Lake Ontario Kiyi
Coregonus Kiyi Orientalis
New York, Ontario, 1967

Alvord Cutthroat
Oncorhynchus Clarki ssp.
Nevada, Oregon, 1940

Maravillas Red Shiner
Cyprinella Lutrensis Blairi
Texas, 1960

San Marcos Gambusia
Gambusia Georgei
Texas, 1983


Relict Leopard Frog
Rana Onca
Arizona, Nevada, Utah, 1960

Golden Coqui
Eleutherodactylus Jasperi
Puerto Rico, 1980's

Web-Footet Coqui
Eleutherodactylus Karlschmidti
Puerta Rico, 1980's


Navassa Iguana
Cyclura Cornuta Onchiopsis
Navassa Island, West Indies, 1800's

Leiocephalus Eremitus
Navassa Island, West Indies, 1800's

St. Croix Racer
Alsophis Sancticrucis
St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, 1900's


Labrador Duck
Camptorhynchus Labradorium
Northeastern United States, Southeastern Canada, 1878

Heath Hen
Tympanuchus Cupido Cupido
Eastern United States, 1932

Kusaie Crake
Aphanolimnas Monasa
Caroline Islands, 1828

Laysan Rail
Porzanula Palmeri
Hawaii, 1944

Hawaiian Brown Rail
Pennula Millsi
Hawaii, 1964

Hawaiian Spotted Rail
Pennula Sandwichensis
Hawaii, 1893

Oahu OO
Moho Apicalis
Hawaii, 1837

Molokai OO
Moho Bishopi
Hawaii, 1915

Hawaii OO
Moho Nobilis
Hawaii, 1934

Santa Barbara Song Sparrow
Melospiza Melodia
California, 1967

Texas Henslow's Sparrow
Passerherbulus Henslowii Houstonensis
Texas, 1983

Laysan Apapane
Himatione Sanguinea Freethi
Hawaii, 1923

Kusaie Starling
Aplonis Corvina
Caroline Islands, 1828

Dusky Seaside Sparrow
Ammodranus Maritimus Mirabilis
Florida, 1987

Louisiana Parakeet
Conuropsis Carolinensis Ludoviciana
South-Central United States, 1912

Virgin Islands Screech Owl
Otus Nudipes Newtoni
Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, 1980

San Clemente Bewick's Wren
Thryomane Bewickii Leucophrys
California, 1927

Lanai Thrush
Phaeornis Obscurus Lanaiensis
Hawaii, 1931

Oahu Thrush
Phaeornis Obscurus Oahensis
Hawaii, 1825

Laysan Millerbird
Acrocephalus Familiaris Familiaris
Hawaii, 1923

Chaetoptila Angustipluma
Hawaii, 1859


Wake Island Rail
Rallus Wakensis
Wake Island, 1945

Great Auk
Pinguinus Impennis
North Atlantic, 1844

Passenger Pigeon
Ectopistes Migratorius
Central and Eastern North America, 1914

Culebra Puerto Rico Parrot
Amazona Vituta Gracelipes
Culebra Island, 1899

Mauge's Parakeet
Aratinga Chloroptera Maugei
Puerto Rico, 1892

Carolina Parakeet
Conuropsis Caroinensis Carolinensis
Southeast United States, 1914

Hawaiian Mamo
Drepanis Pacifica
Hawaii, 1898

Black Mamo
Drepansis Funerea
Hawaii, 1907

Lanai Akialoa
Hemignathus Obscurus Lanaiensis
Hawaii, 1894

Oahu Akialoa
Hemignathus Obscurus Ellisianus
Hawaii, 1837

Hawaii Akialoa
Hemignathus Obscurus Obscurus
Hawaii, 1895

Oahu Nukupu'u
Hemignathus Lucidus Lucidus
Hawaii, 1860

Oahu Akepa
Loxops Coccinea Rufa
Hawaii, 1893

Greater Amakihi
Viridonia Sagittirostris
Hawaii, 1900

Lanai Creeper
Paroreomyza Maculata Montana
Hawaii, 1937

Ciridops Anna
Hawaii, 1892

Greater Kona Finch
Pdittirostra Palmeri
Hawaii, 1896

Lesser Kona Finch
Psittirostra Flaviceps
Hawaii, 1891

Kona Finch
Psittirostra Kona
Hawaii, 1894

Amak Song Sparrow
Melospiza Melida Amaka
Alaska, 1980

Ivory-billed WoodPecker


Puerto Rican Shrew
Nesophontes Edithae
Puerto Rico, 1500

Puerto Rican Long-Nosed Bat
Monophyllus Plethodon Frater
Puert Rico, 1900?

Puerto Rican Long-Tongued Bat
Phyllonycteris Major
Puerto Rico, 1900?

Puerto Rican Ground Sloth
Acratocnus Odontrigonus
Puerto Rico, 1500

Penasco Chipmunk
Eutamias Minimus Atristriatus
New Mexico, 1980

Tacoma Pocket Gopher
Thomomys Mazama Tacomensis
Washington, 1970

Southern California KIt Fox
Vulpes Macrotis Macrotis
California, 1903

Florida Red Wolf
Canis Rufus Floridanus
Southeastern United States, 1925

Texas Red Wolf
Canis Rufus Rufus
Oklahoma, Texas, 1970

Kenai Peninsula Wolf
Canis Lupus Alces
Alaska, 1910

Newfoundland Wolf
Canis Lupus Beothucus
Newfoundland Island, 1911

Banks Island Wolf
Canis Lupus Bernardi
Banks and Victoria Islands, 1920

Cascade Mountains Wolf
Canis Lupus Fuscus
British Columbia, Oregon, Washington, 1940

Badlands Bighorn
Ovis Canadensis Auduboni
Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota,
South Dakota, Wyomong, 1910

Louisiana Vole
Microtus Ochrogaster Ludovicianus
Louisiana, Texas, 1905

Puerto Rican Hutia
Isolobodon Portoricensis
Puerto Rico, 1500

Puerto Rican Paca
Elasmodontomys Obliquus
Puert Rico, 1500

Lesser Puerto Rican Agouti
Heteropsomys Insulans
Puerto Rico, 1500

Greater Puerto Rican Agouti
Heteropsomys Antillensis
Puerto Rico, 1500

Atlantic Gray Whale
Eschrichtius Gibbosus Gibbosus
Atlantic Coast, 1750


Goff's Pocket Gopher
Geomys Pinetis Goffi
Florida, 1955

Sherman's Pocket Gopher
Gromyd Fontanelus
Georgia, 1950

Pallid Beach Mouse
Peromyscus Polionotus Decoloratus
Florida, 1946

Giant Deer Mouse
Peromyscus Nesodytes
Channel Islands, California, 1870

Chadwick Beach Cottonmouth
Peromyscus Gossypinus Restrictus
Florida, 1950?

Gull Island Vole
Microtus Nesophilus
New York, 1898

Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
Canis Lupus Irremotus
Alberta, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, 1940

Mongollon Mountains Wolf
Canis Lupus Mogolonensis
Arizona, New Mexico, 1942

Texas Gray Wolf
Canis Lupus Monstrabilis
New Mexico, Texas, 1942

Great Plains Wolf
Canis Lupus Nubilus
Great Plains, 1926

Southern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Canis Lupus Youngi
West- Central United States, 1935

California Grizzly Bear
Ursus Arctos Californicus
California, 1925

Wisconsin Cougar
Felis Concolor Schorgeri
North-Central United States, 1925

Caribbean Monk Seal
Monachus Tropicalis
Florida, West Indies, 1960

Steller's Sea Cow
Hydrodamalis Stelleri
Alaska, 1768

Eastern Elk
Cervis Canadensis Canadensis
Central and Eastern United States, 1880

Merriam's Elk
Cervus Canadensis Merriami
Southwestern United States, 1906

Queen Charlotte Caribou
Rangifer Tarandus Dawsoni
Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, 1935

Sea Mink
Mustela Macrodon
New Brunswick, New England, 1890

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