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Wednesday October 24, 2001 - Please feel free to contact me with news or pertinent questions. We all choose the life path we take, learn as much as you can before youjourney too far. There is a lot of information available and it is free. Think about what you read, use it and make something good happen.

Peace & Good Health To All.....


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Animal Rights

June 4, 2002

Animal rights activists crying foul over
.....restaurants' Lobster Zone game
.....Daytona Beach News-Journal Jun 3 2002


June 4, 2002

White House Shifts On Global Warming
.....Courier Mail Jun 3 2002
.Humans cause global warming, US admits
.....BBC Jun 3 2002
Rainfall lessens odds of El Nino
.....Courier Mail Jun 3 2002

Pollution Prevention:
Better Safe Than Sorry -WWF -2/26/98

Global Warming Websites

Our Changing Climate -CNN

Glimmer of Hope For Closing ....Loopholes in Kyoto ....ClimateChange Agreement 
....-WWF 9/18/98

How the U.S. can meet Kyoto's ....mandate -Seattle Times ....-Editorial/Comment -12/18/97

Global warming pact fuels 
....U.S.debate Important first step or ....did U.S. give away the store? -CNN ....-12/15

Global Warming Resource Center


Global Warming information Page

Sierra Club news release on global ....warming treaty

The Road to Kyoto Conference ....-WWF

Earth Alerts

Rachel's Alert (1/21/98

Rachel's Alert (8/30/97
New U.S. Waste Policy 
- Sewage Sludge

Action Against Global 
Genetic Food Engineering (9/2/97)
-Pure Food Campaign

Genetic Engineering & 
Factory Farming News 
Pure Food Campaign

Genetic Engineering & 
Factory Farming News 
(10/4/97 Pure Food Campaign


BackYard Weather

BackYard Weather Readings

More detailed weather data can be found at Marcus' BackYard Weather Station, where the 'backyard' sensor readings are uploaded to the WWW every 30 minutes.

Web Resources of Interest

Organic Vegan Internet Sites

University of Central Florida Animal Rights 
Activists in Orlando, FL. 
CONTACT : (407) 282-4130 or (407) 382-3702 
E-mail address: CAA@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu
Web Address: http://pegasus.cc.ucf.edu/~caa

Now Open
Winter Park 
Whole Foods Market 
Winter Park Corners 
1989 Aloma Avenue 
Winter Park, FL 32792 
Opened 1998

A Day On The Bay
Leonard D. Mattos Jr., a 
Casco Bay Lines ferry mate, 
writes each weekday about what 
he sees and hears on Casco Bay.
-Casco Bay Online

Medicinal Herb Garden
Located on the campus of the 
University of Washington in 
Seattle, the Medicinal Herb 
Garden is a resource for 
herbalists, medics, and 
botanists of all levels. It is 
not, however, a source of 
medical advice or a guide to 
The Cat's House

Whole Foods Market

Kenwood Vineyards -More wineries are moving toward Organic Farming

Help the World Wildlife Fund
protect our planet from global 
warming. Urge the leaders of our 
nations to stand-up to the 
misinformation and fear tactics 
of self-serving business interests
and demand immediate action to 
reduce CO2 emissions by 
sending a postcard now!

You have just dined, and however  scrupulously the slaughterhouse is 
concealed in the graceful distance  of miles, there is complicity. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson (author)

Southwest School Of Botanical 
Medicine has an archive of more 
than 1,200 plant pictures by Latin, English and Spanish names. 

Green Chile On The Web
-Albuquerque Weekly

Medicinal Herb FAQ

Culinary Herb FAQ

USDA Proposed Organic Standards

-Organic farmers nervous about proposed regulations -Seattle Times -1/1/98

Organic Trade Association
Organic Trade Association Concerned That Standards May Not Be Strict Enough 

USDA AMS National Organic Program Proposed Rule Home Page -send a comment to the  National Organic Program (NOP) regarding the proposed rule. 

-Write Your Representative
This service is provided to assist you in contacting your elected Representative. 

USDA unveils national regulations on organic foods -Boston Globe / AP -12/16

Wild Oats Market Genetic Engineering Information

USDA New Organic Food Standards Announced
Monday, 12/15/97
Genetic Engineering & Factory Farming News 
(12/13/97 Pure Food Campaign

Proposed Regulations
-Land could have no chemical pesticides applied on it for at least three years before harvest of an organic crop.

-Crop pests, weeds and disease
would be mainly controlled through prevention or through biological methods such as 
wasps that kill harmful insects. 

-Animals could not be given
hormones or antibiotics to stimulate growth. Animals 
would be fed organic feeds.

-Products must contain at least 95 percent organic ingredients to be labeled as 


It is my belief that the 'Rights 
of Animals', respect for 'Mother Earth',
and eating a 'healthy plant-based diet' 
are all inter-related in helping solve 
the health and environmental problems 
for our planet and for us as individuals. 

I hope this page and the other pages at 
Marcus' Place will help in your search 
for information on these important issues.

Your Comments are appreciated.......
Send to

"Thank God, they cannot 
cut down the clouds!" 
-- Henry David Thoreau


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