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Welcome to "The Environment." It is where we live.
It is what we breathe. It can keep us healthy or with
neglect, it will contribute to illness. The citizens of
this Planet have a big say in whether we prosper in
'good health.'
I believe it is in our best interest to "preserve & protect
The Environment." Perhaps the links below will help
provide you vital information.

Why BioDiesel?

Biodiesel is Biodegradable, it's Renewable. It has the
advantages of dramatically reduced sulfate and hydrocarbon
emissions and reduces particulate matter. It is nontoxic
and does not damage water quality.

Environmental WWW Resources

Abbey's Web is devoted to the life and work of one of my
favorite authors, Edward Abbey. "Resist much, obey little",
was this warrior's motto. -- Walt Whitman

"Enter at your own risk, Carry water, avoid the noonday sun,
try to ignore the vultures, pray frequently."

"Edward Abbey is one of our foremost Western essayist and
novelists. A militant conservationist, he has attracted a large
following--not only within the ranks of the Sierra Club
enthusiasts and dedicated backpackers, but also among
armchair appreciators of good writing. What always made
his work doubly interesting is the sense of a true maverick
spirit at large, within it -- a kind of spirit not imitable, limited
only to the highest class of literary outlaws"
-- The Denver Post

..Center for Alternative Technology -
To demonstrate ways in which people, nature, and t
echnology can live together successfully. They stress
alternative ways of doing things, such as avoiding
chemicals when gardening, acheiving more
with less, not shutting nature out of our living and work space.

Center for a New American Dream is working to
build sustainable patterns of consumption and an improved
quality of life for present and future generations.The old
dream of constant growth and material wealth is forcing
families into debt and poisoning our communities.

Protecting Our Planet From
Global Warming

was founded in 1988 to create an independent news-stand
quality publication on environmental issues -- a magazine
that could educate, inspire and empower Americans to make
a difference for the environment.

Over its lifetime a personal computer and monitor
consumes over 11,000 kWh of electricity. By turning
off your computer during non-work hours you can
reduce its energy consumption by as much
as 75%.

Earth First
Earth First is a direct-action environmental action group.

Earth Save is leading a global movement
of people from all walks of life taking
concrete steps everyday to promote

and life-sustaining food choices.


EcoMall is a huge environmental resource,,lots and
lots of great links, plus plenty of information. I highly
recommend EcoMall.

Try using compact fluorescent lights.
A 60-watt incandescent bulb lasts about
750 hours, a fluorescent bulb with one-third
the wattage will generate the same amount of
light and burn for 7,500 to 10,000 hours of normal use.

Environmental News Network

..Environmental News Network

Try using soaker hoses to water your lawn.
By "sweating" water through thousands of
tiny pores, they use 50 - 70 percent less water
than most watering systems.

Envirolink states that it is the largest on-line environmental
resource on the planet, reaching well over 5.1 million people
in over 130 different countries every month. Envirolink is
commited in creating a sustainable society by connecting
individuals and organizations through new communication
technologies. Envirolink offers live, over- the- Internet
video conferencing, chat rooms for real-time discussion,
access to real-time environmental data, an environmental
library, and links to information from hundreds of
non-profit organizations. This is a wonderful resource,,
I highly recommend this site.
Go directly to the days
Environmental News.


Everglades Information Network

Frugal Living Resources Plenty of good ideas.

Global Warming Central A Website Sponsored By
The Pace Energy Project.

is an independent organization which uses non-violent,
creative confrontation to expose global environmental
problems and to force the solutions which are essential
for a green and peaceful future.

Using compact fluorescent lights uses about one-quarter
of the energy of standard incandescent bulbs, because
most of the incandescent energy is wasted as heat rather
than light.

Nature Conservation Council Of New South Wales
is the peak umbrella organisation for over 100 conservation
and environmental groups in New South Wales, Australia,
home of the Sydney Olympics.

Sierra Club is a non-profit, member-supported
public interest organiztion that promotes conservation
of the natural environment by influencing public
policy decisions --- legislative, administrative,
legal, and electoral.

Sustainable Sources Environmental Web Site
To provide a solutions-based environmental web site.

The Butterfly Zone

The Garden Gate Offers gardeners and nature
lovers links to useful and interesting sites around
the World as well as a growing
collection of original materials.

The Rainforest Action Network Home Page

It takes an entire forest -- more than 500,000 --
trees to supply Americans with their Sunday
newspapers every week. Making paper from
postconsumer materials uses less energy than making
virgin paper and reduces related air pollution.

Volunteer Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT)
has some unique ideas on living a long, healthy life with "0"
population growth, the impact the human species has on our
planet, and "Planet Earth" without the Human Species

Water Resources On The Internet
Is part of the Water Resources Center, a system-wide
unit serving the faculty and students at all nine
University of California campuses.
If you need
information pertaining to water and water quality,
try this link.

Click on Graphic

Founded in 1976 by singer/songwriter John Denver
and Aikido Master Tom Crum, the Windstar Foundation
has long been unique amongst environmental organizations.
By promoting a holistic approach to global issues,
Windstar builds on the premise that respect for our planet
begins with respect for self and others,
advocating and
educating its members all over the world to make a diffence
in their own backyards.

I welcome your Comments
Marcus Sharpe

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