June 15, 2005

Four Corners Power Plant emissions among worst in U.S.

FRUITLAND, N.M. - The Four Corners Power Plant sits isolated
in a sparsely populated area south of here, its around-the-clock
operation producing enough electricity for 300,000 homes in
Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.
- The Durango Hearld
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June 12, 2005

Biodiesel, Made From Soybeans, Is Catching On

CARL'S CORNER, Texas — The corn grows tall for miles around
this truck stop, 80 miles south of Dallas, but it's another crop,
soybeans, that has engines revving in these parts.
- Los Angeles Times
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May 28, 2004

-Tanker spills 1,000 gallons of mag chloride -

An estimated 1,000 gallons of magnesium chloride used to
control dust on local dirt roads spilled alongside Highway 82
Wednesday morning when a tanker overturned.
- The Aspen Times
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-Woody Ridge thinning project faces appeals -

Five environmental groups launched two separate appeals
Thursday against a forest restoration project slated southwest of Flagstaff.
- Arizona Daily Sun
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April 14, 2004

-Most Endangered Rivers of 2004 announced -

(Washington, D.C.) America's rivers and streams are becoming
more polluted -- and the White House and Congress are making
a bad situation worse by cutting clean water law enforcement
and spending on pollution prevention, charged American Rivers
with the release of its 2004 Most Endangered Rivers report.
-American Rivers:: Restore. Protect. Enjoy.
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BOISE – After more than two years of work, volunteer members
of the Owyhee Initiative announced a ground-breaking proposal
today to protect wilderness, to ensure the economic viability of
ranching families and to tackle land management issues throughout
Owyhee County.
-Owyhee Initiative
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March 29, 2004

-Ghost Town -

Take a ride with Elena, a very brave and adventurous biker from Russia who chronicles
her rides through Chernobyl with a photo essay on her website.

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March 28, 2004

-Growth in California stresses Pacific Ocean -

SACRAMENTO (AP) - A decades-long explosion of
coastal development combined with California's rapid
population growth is significantly stressing a Pacific Ocean
that absorbs sewage, chemicals, oil runoff and a host of
other destructive impacts, members of the Pew Oceans
Commission told state lawmakers today.
-The Mercury News
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-City cuts landmark deal with developer -

Delays are largely inevitable in the process of building anything,
particularly a large subdivision, on the Coastside.
-Half Moon Bay Review
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-Buying into biodiesel -

Picture this: Farmers in the San Luis Valley - one of the
poorest parts of Colorado - grow soy that is converted to
an alternative fuel that powers the snowplows that clear
Durango's streets of winter snow.
-Durango Herald

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March 12, 2004

-State slows down attempt to stop ‘high-level’ waste at WIPP -

CARLSBAD — The state announced Thursday it has slowed
down its attempt to stop waste currently labeled “high-level”
from coming to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.
-Carlsbad Current-Argus
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One by one the fish hit the water, and slide to the ocean floor,
dead. The 400 pounds of cod Nieuwkerk's crew dump that day
would have earned them $600, at least, at the next day's
Portland fish auction. Yet days spent fighting wind and waves
often end this way, with the New England fisherman's most
despised ritual.
-Boston Globe
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February 20, 2004

-Old-growth activists target Weyerhaeuser; 5 arrested -

Forest activists who helped persuade building giants Home Depot
and Lowe's to stop buying products made of wood from some
old-growth forests have set their sights on a new target in
Seattle's back yard: Weyerhaeuser.
-The Seattle Times
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-Kaibab tree cutting draws lawsuit -

Environmental groups have sued the U.S. Forest Service
over a proposed timber project north of the Grand Canyon
that removes old-growth trees, following up on a rejected appeal.
- Arizona Daily Sun
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February 19, 2004

-Bay at risk for chemical disaster -

On a blustery March night nine years ago, the Mundogas
Europe, a Liberian tanker loaded with 36 million pounds of
deadly chemicals, lost its steering and drifted toward the
Golden Gate Bridge and a potentially catastrophic collision.
- The Mercury News
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-Environmentalists say president, governor harming water quality -

Claiming Florida's drinking water and beaches are threatened
by raw sewage discharges, environmental groups Thursday
said President Bush's budget cuts on water projects will create
health dangers and higher utility rates.
- Gainesville Sun
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-Utility chief: Wind power niche industry -

DENVER - Environmentalists and utilities are clashing over
how much the West should use wind-powered electricity.
- The Durango Herald
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February 06, 2004

- Group would burn dead pinons to heat downtown -

Fire and wood have been used by humankind since early
civilization, but only in the last 30 years have people fully
harnessed the energy created when flame meets flora.
- Santa Fe New Mexican
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- Field day -

The Bush administration's eagerness to give away
public resources is too much for some party faithful.

A new set of critics has started taking umbrage at the
Bush administration. They aren't the usual suspects.
Smoke is curling upward from brush fires on the political
spectrum's starboard side.
- Headwaters News
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February 03, 2004

- The Clean Air Act Is In Jeopardy -

Tuesday January 6, 2004--The Clean Air Act was originally
enacted into law in 1970 and was amended in 1990. Since
its passage more than 30 years ago, the Clean Air Act has
helped to significantly improve air quality in many regions
of the country. While our air may be better than it once was,
130 million Americans continue to breathe dirty air, and,
unfortunately, that may get even worse.

If the Bush Administration gets its wish, it will be able to
ease Clean Air Act regulations so that older, coal-fired
power plants will no longer be required to install anti-pollution
technology when they renovate. For a number of years,
federal and state officials have used a provision in the
Clean Air Act that requires older industrial facilities to
install new pollution controls when they make major upgrades.
- The Baltimore Chronicle & Sentinel
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-$1 million added to Yellowstone's budget -

The Bush administration budget for 2005 adds nearly $1 million
and eight employees for Yellowstone National Park to deal with
a network of deteriorating roads.
- Billings Gazette
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- Eco-groups unhappy with plan -

WASHINGTON -- President Bush is calling for increased spending
for wildfire prevention and salmon restoration, but would cut other
spending for natural resources and environmental programs.
- The Salt Lake Tribune
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January 24, 2004

-LCV Endorses Senator John Kerry for President -

CONCORD, NH – The League of Conservation Voters (LCV)
today endorsed Senator John Kerry for President of the
United States.  This endorsement is the earliest ever in
the organization’s 34-year history.
- League of Conservation Voters
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-The environment in politics -

PORTSMOUTH - All of the Democratic candidates for
president have made it clear they want to be the country’s
next commander in chief. But how many of them are as
eager to become the next steward for Mother Nature isn’t
as easy to figure out. The candidates’ views on environmental
issues often have taken a back seat to issues such as the war
with Iraq and the economy.
- Portsmouth Herald
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-Nuclear plant lapses could have
caused explosion, investigators say -

WASHINGTON (AP) - Workers dismantling an aging
nuclear weapon improperly secured broken pieces
of a highly explosive component by taping them together,
federal investigators found. An explosion could have
occurred, they said.
- Fresno Bee
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January 23, 2004

-Alaska's North Slope Open to oil exploration and drilling -

Alaska Oil Exploration Approved
Interior Secretary Gale A. Norton yesterday approved a plan
to open nearly 9 million acres of wilderness area on Alaska's
North Slope to oil exploration and drilling in a move to boost
the declining production in Alaska and reduce the U.S.
dependence on foreign oil.
- Washington Post
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-Pesticides restricted to protect salmon;
West Coast ruling is sweeping -

Pesticides restricted to protect salmon
A federal judge yesterday banned application of 38 pesticides
along Northwest salmon streams, and required retailers in
major West Coast cities to post warnings that read "Salmon Hazard"
where seven of the most harmful chemicals are sold.
- The Seattle Times
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-Altered Sierra forest plan unveiled -

The new blueprint will cut fire risk, officials say,
but foes claim it is driven by logging interests.

The U.S. Forest Service rolled out revisions Thursday to its plan
for managing 11 million acres of Sierra Nevada woodlands,
saying the changes will reduce wildfire danger and protect old-growth forests.
- Sacremento Bee
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January 22, 2004

Golf Courses

An average golf course in a tropical country such as Thailand
needs 3307 pounds of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and
herbicides per year and uses as much water as 60,000
rural villagers.
Environmental Impacts of Tourism

1)The U.S. EPA estimated in 1997 that approximately
76 million pounds of pesticide active ingredients
(8 percent of total conventional pesticide use in the United States)
are used in homes and gardens each year.
2)According to the EPA, 95 percent of the pesticides used on
residential lawns are possible or probable carcinogens.
Environmental Media Services
Lawn Pesticides

A single U.S. course averages about a half ton of chemical
pesticides a year, and there are approximately 12,000 golf
courses in the United States.
CNN-Turf battle rages over golf course chemicals

Trees, Brush for Electricity

Bush forest plan linked to renewable energy
- Anchorage Daily News

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U.S. Supreme Court Rules

Justices rule against state, mines
- Anchorage Daily News

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January 21, 2004

Old Growth Forests

'Old-growth' is reportedly to be off-limits
- The Seattle Times

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forest Restoration?

Phase 3 of forest restoration readied
- Arizona Daily Sun

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