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BackYard Weather Station 
a view of the sensors in my backyard

All the weather readings 
are taken in my backyard 
using a Davis Weather Monitor II Weather Station.

*All Photos were taken with a 
Olympus D-320L Digital Camera

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BackYard Weather

The weather station was finally fully installed on Friday 4/17/98, all sensors 
are functioning.
You may ask, "Why do you want a weather station?" Good question. 
I felt that since I have a live camera showing 'My Window View', then the 
weather observations from my backyard should be from my backyard also. 
I could have continued to use the readings from the airport, but the airport 
is over 10 miles from my home, their readings would differ. 
When you visit 'My Window View Cam' you are seeing a live video image 
so I feel I owe it to you, my guests, to show you the actual weather data readings
from my backyard too. I hope your visit at 'My Window View Cam' will take on 
an added meaning . Enjoy!

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The Anemometer

Senses Wind Speed and Direction


The Anemometer and Rain Collector

A view from atop my garage showing the Anemometer with 
the Rainfall Collector in the background.


Rain Collector
A view showing the Rain Collector with 
the Anemometer mounted above the garage.


Temperature, Humidity, 
and Dew Point Sensor
This sensor has been remounted inside a Radiation Shield.
The readings are now accurate during the daylight hours.
I will update the photo soon.


The Display Console
The console is in the house connected
to my computer. 
It shows: Wind Speed / Direction, Wind Chill,
Rain Fall, Barometric Pressure, Humidity (inside and
out), Dew Point, & Temperature (inside and out).
It also keeps track of the highs and lows and much more.


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