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January 1999

Stop, Look & Listen 
Innovative Uses For Audio & Video On The Web 

For your viewing and listening pleasure, weíve compiled a list of Web sites that make fantastic use of video and audio files. Some sites included in this section are here because they contain extensive file archives, others are here just because theyíre unusual. So, grab your bucket of popcorn and enjoy the shows!


If you want to see the latest audio and video Web technology offered, check out this site first. Here, you can download the latest version of RealPlayer, the most popular plug-in for playing audio and video clips. Once youíve downloaded the latest version, stop by the siteís Best Clicks section to try out your new player. Or, head to the Showcase for music, animation, and broadcast demos.


Court TV: Your live view into the courtroom

BBC World Business Report:

Tap into the worldís business here. On the start page, click the Audio option, and the site will present you with a menu of listening opportunities. You can hear the live BBC World Business Report 24 hours a day, or you can hear reports on a variety of categories, such as Science, Education, Sports, etc., which are offered in English, as well as Arabic, Cantonese, Czech, German, Indonesian, Mandarin, Pashto, Persian, Russian, and Spanish.


Bill Nye The Science Guy's Video Lab:

Science lessons are available anytime at the Science Guy's online video lab. Here, you can catch QuickTime clips from television episodes, or jam to the educational music videos. Then, head to the Media Lab to listen to educational jingles in the Audio Lab. No matter the medium, Bill Nye is there filling it with science knowledge.



Formerly known as Audionet, this is truly a one-stop outlet for audio and video broadcasts. If itís being broadcast, chances are you can find it here. Choose from the 15 available channels, such as AudioBooks, Education, Entertainment, Sports, Spiritual, and much more.


CBS SportsLine:

Here is a sports site that has it all. Live audio broadcasts of just about every major sporting event, as well as recent and historical video highlights are offered here. The Live Radio area of the site includes four daily radio programs, plus interviews with guest athletes and coaches. In addition, the Archives section offers you interviews with coaches and players. 



The CDnow site allows you to buy musical tapes and CDs through the Internet. This site is interesting because you can download and listen to audio samples to help you decide if you want to buy an album. Some of the hottest albums are featured on the front page with sound clips; however, you also can search for albums by artist, album title, song title, record label, or sound track using the search engine at the top of the page. Once you locate the albums, click the little musical notes icon after the year to see more information on that album, as well as a track list. Clicking one of the tracks that is displayed as a link will call up RealPlayer and will play a 30-second sample of the track.


Court TV Online:

From O.J. Simpson and Jeffrey Dahmer to the Bosnia War Crimes Trial and the White House, Court TV has high-profile trials online. You can watch the live broadcast of Court TV through streaming video, or check out the Video Archives for clips from famous cases.



If politics is your game, this is where you want to be. Here, youíll find RealAudio and RealVideo broadcasts of C-SPAN and C-SPAN2. And, donít miss the special broadcasts on C-SPAN Extra and C-SPAN.ORG.



FedNet has found one more way to bring political information to the public. Here, youíll find RealAudio broadcasts of House and Senate debates, special hearings, House and Senate radio and TV broadcasts, and even special events, such as President Clintonís grand jury testimony. House and Senate floor debates are available via live audio to everyone, as are the audio and video files in the Events Archives. However, access to the archive of hearings and the press conferences held in the Radio/TV Galleries is available by subscription only, which costs $9.50 per month. This includes hearings listed in the Hearing and Press archives. And, donít forget the link to the McLaughlin Group Web site, which features a video archive of past McLaughlin Group broadcasts.



Enter the lobby of the LiveConcerts.com Web site for a menu of online and live audio and video. The Events menu lists upcoming concerts to be broadcast live online, but the Archive holds the motherload of streaming audio and video. The Concerts area contains more than 200 entire concerts in RealVideo or RealAudio format. You can expect several buffering periods while trying to watch a two-hour long concert through streaming video online. If you want less buffering, choose the audio-only format. The KCRW section features more than 300 audio performances from top artists at the KCRW radio station in Santa Monica, Calif. And, the Conversations area includes chats, press conferences, and RealVideo interviews with top musical artists.


Marcus' Live Streaming Video Cams:

Marcus Sharpe has put together a rather unique collection of streaming video cameras. Take a closer peek at the world online through one of his 235 streaming video cameras scattered throughout the United States, as well as Australia, Canada, Japan, and Europe. Start with a look at Marcus' backyard through his Windows View Cam, then click a continent on the world map. Or, use the pull-down menu for a more defined location. And, to ensure everyone who visits the site can enjoy it, Marcus has included a link to the AltaVista translation interface that allows for French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish translations. This is truly a different look at the world.


MTV Online:

You want to see your favorite bandís new music video, but you canít sit around all day watching MTV waiting for it to come on. So get connected and head to the MTV Web site. Select the Bands A-Z section, find your band, and click the video title you want to see. It is going to take several minutes to download to your computer, but then you can watch it on a 2.5-by-2-inch window on your computer screen anytime you want. You will, however, need a movie player installed on your system. MTV relies on its affiliation with CDnow for album information and sound clips, so clicking the Discography On CDnow link from a page in the Bands A-Z will take you to a page on the CDnow site containing album information on your chosen artist. Clicking the musical notes icon takes you to an area where you can sample audio clips from the album.


broadcast.com: If something is being broadcast on the Internet, the chances are good you will find a link to it here

NASA Multimedia Gallery:

NASA does an excellent job extending space exploration to site visitors through its Multimedia Gallery. Here, you will find both the Audio Gallery and Video Gallery. You can view and listen to shuttle missions as they are happening, and even learn about space exploration through a variety of videos. You even can watch NASA Television live on your computer. This is a very cool educational site.


People Magazine Video Vault:

Check out the video clips of your favorite actors and musicians in the People Magazine Video Vault. Each week, People adds new videos from todayís top performers, then archives all the videos in the Vault. Whether itís Leonardo DiCaprio fighting off the paparazzi or Jakob Dylan performing in concert, People is there with video.


Sony Music:

Sony does a great job with audio and video on its site, and even gives you a taste of interactivity. Check out the Battle of the Bands DEMOListen Derby where you can listen to sample clips of up-and-coming artists, then rate them on a scale of ìRocksî to ìBlows Chunks.î And, if you want to be one of those up-and-coming bands, you can use this forum to submit your bandís clips. You can check out the audio and video clips of the day, and head to the archive of audio and video clips. 


United Church of Godó Streaming Sermons:

Here, you can view and listen to religious sermons that were recently archived by the United Church of God. These are some enormous files, so prepare to wait a while for the download. Certainly a way to reach out to a whole new audience, and you may be able to find your churchís sermons online, as well.



This is a neat site if youíre looking for easy access to online video. Centered mostly around the NBC television network, this site offers audio and video clips from NBC shows in the Showroom and clips of those showsí stars in the Backlot. Check out the Access Hollywood area for entertainment news and interviews with celebrities; stop by the Rec Room for video puzzles and trivia; and head to the myLaunch Music section to see popular music videos. The Guthy-Renker Internet section is available just in case you missed the infomercial of the new Rapid White tooth-whitening system. As if thatís not enough video, check out the Videoseeker V-LIST. Here, youíll find a whole host of cool video sites.


The Wedding Lady:

If you need advice on your upcoming wedding, look no further than the Internet. On Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pacific time, you can log on to hear The Wedding Ladyís live call-in show talk show. Suzanne Kresse, Americaís wedding and etiquette expert, fields live calls from prospective brides and grooms regarding wedding problems and advice.


Yahoo! Net Events:

This is a great site, not because itís full of cool audio and video, but rather because it provides a handy schedule of sites that are hosting cool audio and video broadcasts, sorted into familiar Yahoo! Categories. Check out the dayís schedule and the Todayís picks, as well as schedule of ongoing events. Schedules are posted a week in advance, and thereís even a Yahooligans! schedule for the youngsters.


by Meredith Witulski 

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*Posted on my web site with permission from Smart Computing.

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