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I remember taking pictures with my first camera, opening
the box of slides and the thrill of capturing a beautiful
sunset on film. Wow! I had arrived as an artist...Wrong!

What I eventually realized, was that I had taken my first
step on a twenty-year journey of exploring the old and
the new. Each step showed me, the more I thought I
knew, the less I actually knew. Luckily I was fortunate
to have known people along the way who guided me.

Ansel Adams, for example, revealed to me the wonder
of feeling as an artist. Edmund Teske taught me that the
simplest things could help me express my inner-most
feelings. My first instructor, Jimm Roberts, encouraged
me to look beyond the picture-perfect postcard and
break through the boundaries of literal interpretation.
Although I had never met him, Edward Weston through
his daybooks and own photographic work, inspired me
to remain truly and passionately committed to my own
artistic values rather than surrender to a safer route.
All of these men, as well as other photographers and
artists, helped me evolve from the photographer who
was thrilled in documenting sunsets to one taking the
road less traveled.

re: Light Paintings

Light- Painted photographs look the way they
do because I control the light. I wanted to direct light to
places not normally seen. I wanted to create images
unreal to the way we are accustomed to seeing them.
Try to imagine a totally black room, ---a room with
absolutely no light. Without that light, virtually nothing
exists, at least to the camera. This complete darkness
is my canvas. Using a hand-held light source, I apply
layers of light that unveil what this darkness hides.
In this controlled environment, I, as an artist, am able
to creatively reveal a world that no one else would
ever be able to see.


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