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Hello Everyone,Welcome!

It is my belief that the 'Rights of Animals',
respect for 'Mother Earth', and eating a
'healthy plant-based diet' are all
inter-related in helping solve the health
and environmental problems for our planet
and for us as individuals. I hope this page
and the other pages at MarcusSharpe.Com
will help in your search for information on
these important issues. My
page is just a click away, then stop by my
Animal Rights page where I have compiled
a partial list of Extinct Vertebrates of
North America.

Why BioDiesel?

Biodiesel is Biodegradable,
it's Renewable
It has the advantages of dramatically
reduced sulfate and hydrocarbon
emissions and reduces particulate
matter. It is nontoxic and does not
damage water quality.

Take care and thanks for visiting........

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Proposed Regulations

-Land could have no chemical pesticides applied on it for at least three years before
harvest of an organic crop.

-Crop pests, weeds and disease would be mainly controlled through prevention or through biological methods such as wasps that kill harmful insects.

-Animals could not be given hormones
or antibiotics to
stimulate growth. Animals would be
fed organic feeds.

-Products must contain at least 95 percent organic ingredients to
be labeled as organic.

Read Rachel's
Environment & Health
Weekly Newsletter -7/21/98

Mad Cow Disease, Part 1

Mad Cow Disease, Part 2

Organic Food Standards Announced
Monday, 12/15/97
Genetic Engineering &
Factory Farming News
Pure Food Campaign

USDA Proposed Organic Standards

Organic Trade Association
Organic Trade Association Concerned That Standards May Not Be Strict Enough

USDA AMS National Organic Program Proposed Rule Home Page -send a comment to the National Organic Program (NOP) regarding the proposed rule.

Write Your Representative
This service is provided to assist you in contacting your elected Representative.

Wild Oats Market Take Action Resource Center

If you don't believe or
think about the horror
animals endure
then see it first hand.

Live Camera in a
German Slaughterhouse

Click here for translations.

You have just dined, and however
scrupulously the slaughterhouse is
concealed in the graceful distance
of miles, there is complicity.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (author)

Vegetarian WWW Resources

  Animal Concerns Community
The online community for people concerned
about the welfare and rights of animals.

Earth Save
is leading a global movement of people
from all walks of life taking concrete steps
everyday to promote
healthy and
life-sustaining food choices. Founded
by John Robbins, author of "Diet for a
New America" and "Reclaiming Our Health."

Fat-Free: The Low-Fat Vegetarian Archive
has a searchable data base of over 2300 recipes
in over 50 catagories.

Great Vegetarian Recipes
is a nice selection of vegetarian recipes from
Debbie Meadows.

Macrobiotics On-Line

Mad Cowbow
Plain Truth From the Cattlerancher Who
Wonít Eat Meat by HOWARD LYMAN

is a website devoted to the libel trial between
the McDonald's Corporation and two supporters
of London's Greenpeace, Helen Steele and
Dave Morris. McDonald's is suing Steele
and Morris for libel over a six page Fact sheet
produced by Greenpeace,entitled,
wrong with McDonald's? Everything
they Don't Want You to Know"
, which
McDonald's alleged they distributed in

Max and Rosie's Cafe -An Oasis in the
heart of downtown Ashville, North Carolina.

Mega Vegetarian Index
is a tool for finding information on issues
relating to Vegetarianism. This is put together
by Gedge at the Vegetarian pages in the U.K.

Mountain Ark Trading Company
is a mail order natural and Macrobiotic
Food Specialties company. Their WWW
site has Macrobiotic forums, recipes,
and live chat.

Vegetarian Travel Guide
America's most extensive on-line Natural
Consumer Guide. Home and garden products,
restaurants, organic food sources, natural food
stores, expos, vacations and lots more!

New Veg
New Veg has links to all kinds of interesting
articles relating to a vegetarian life style.

NOT MILK Homepage

Organic Garden Webring

The Sierra Pelona Press is a quaint site in the
high desert of California's Antelope Valley.
It has great ideas on organic gardening and
numerous links to

Principles Of Healthy Living by
Ron Cridland, M.D.

Campaign for Food Safety
is a non-profit, public interest organization
dedicated to building a healthy, safe, and
sustainable system of food production and
consumption in the U.S. and the World.

Get the latest info on gentetically engineered foods
Robert's Resource
is a Vegan website in the U.K. with a really good
list of links. Make sure you sign the Guestbook.

is a magazine of vegetarianism, environmentism and
animal advocacy which is published online, monthly
from New York City.

Simple Living Network
is an online catalog of information, books, periodicals,
tools and a few unique products to assist those
seeking to live a more simple, healthy, earth-friendly
lifestyle. They have an online newsletter if you are

Sue's Art Gallery
includes Animal friendly sites,
Vegetarian and Vegan cookery books from London,
U.K.While you are visiting, venture into Sue's Gallery
where you will find Sue's pastels, paintings, etchings,
and animal paintings by Geoff Francis.

Tara's Vegan Recipe Page
Tara has some very intersting recipes, an ingredient
page with sample recipes, a home page with poetry,
and an "Earth Day" essay that is an important read
for all of us.

Vegan Action Home Page

A very informative vegan resource.

Vegetarian Seasonal Recipes

Vegetarian Pages
describes themselves as a definitive
guide to what is available on the Internet It has links to
Vegetarian News, Vegetarian recipes, books, software,
Online Vegetarian articles, and A Famous Vegetarians
list..... some of the people listed are: Gandhi,
Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison Leonardo de Vinci,
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Socrates, Plato, & Tolstoy.

Vegetarian Resource Center
was founded in 1993 to support the formation and
development of local vegetarian societies. This is a
wonderful resourse of information and has a vast number
of related links. Highly recommended.

Vegetarian Society of New Mexico
lists upcoming vegetarian events in the state.

Vegetarian Times Magazine
is the online version of the magazine. I subscribe to
this magazine and enjoy the articles and recipes
very much. Give this site a try. Has some great
vegetarian recipes.

Vegetarian Union of North America
is promoting a strong, effective, cooperative
vegetarian movement throughout North America.
Their aim is to suppply vegetarian organizations
and individuals with information that will help
organize and maintain a strong vegetarian lifestyle.

Veggies Unite
has a good on-line guide to Vegetarian recipes.

Vegetarian News, Information, and discussion.
Includes 'Veg Chat'.

Very Vegetarian Sites
is a comprehensive page of
Web resources dedicated to those interested
in a healthy lifestyle. It includes links to recipes,
organizations, and even travel sites around the

Why Everyone Should Become a Vegetarian
by Amy Spence. One Million Americans a year, over
20,000 a week are becoming Vegetarians.

Home Remedies for Common Ailments. Interested in Natural Health? Check
out this site, lots of legitimate alternatives to conventional medical treatments.
Dr. Andrew Weil, one of the world's leading authorities on health and medical
therapies, shows you how to take an active role in the prevention and the
natural treatment of illness

Did you know? Average U.S. man's risk of death from a
Heart Attack is 50 per cent.The average U.S. man's risk of
death who eats no meat, dairy, or eggs is
4 per cent.

Women who eat meat daily, increase their chance of
breast cancer
3.8 times over women who consume meat less
than once a week. If they eat eggs,
2.8 times more likely,,
butter and cheese 2-4 times a week, they increase their
3.25 times.

Did you know:
660,000 animals are killed every hour for meat in the U.S.


"Diet for a New America" Click on the book for important facts.

"The Food Revolution", John Robbins' new book. Click on
the book to visit John Robbins' website


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