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Live Streaming Video Cam Links
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Europe, & The United States

274 Streaming Cams Listed

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01 Cam added 0131/09

Links updated - June 29, 2005
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Welcome to Marcus' Live Streaming Video Cams!

I love traveling the World using my computer,
checking out the weather, people, street scenes, etc.
The fun for me really begins when I find a cam site
with 'Live Streaming Video.' I have always
enjoyed watching 'live' TV more than the sanitized,
taped shows that most of the Networks supply.
There are many wonderful resources that list
internet cams, I enjoy them all, but this page only
lists 'Live Streaming Video Cams.'

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Kick back, enjoy, Live Streaming Video Cams.

You might want to start with my streaming
video cam site,
' Marcus' Window View Cam.'
See what's going on in the backyard.

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305 Streaming Cams Listed
*Note, The United States Cams are now divided
into two different pages, East & West.

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TOTAL - 274 Streaming Cams

: 01 Cams (01/31/09)

1) Bill Xam Cam
.... (Saline, Michigan)

: 09 Cams (02/22/06)

1) The Hen Cam
.... (Bradford, West Yorkshire, U.K.)

2) Galveston Cams
.... (Galveston, Texas)

3) Halifax Web Cam
.... (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
4) Construction Web Cam
.... (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

5) Zoo Cam
.... (Green Bay, Wisconsin)

6) Ngcard Cam
.... (Venice, Florida)

7) Wichita Cam
.... (Wichita, Kansas)
8) Overland Park Cam
.... (Wichita, Kansas)

9) Iowa State Cam
.... (Ames, Iowa)

: 3 Cams (12/25/05)

1) University of Oxford Cam
.... (Oxford, United Kingdom)

2) Berkeley MicroLab Cam
.... (Berkeley, California)

3) Brett-Robinson Beach Cams
.... (Gulf Shores, Alabama)

: 06 Cams (12/19/05)

1) Sedona Live Views Web Cam
.... (Sedona, Arizona)

2) Gallery Cam
.... (Burnsville, Minnesota)

3) Eastfield College Computer Lab Cam
.... (Mesquite, Texas

4) Loyola Marymount Sunken Gardens Cam
5) Loyola Marymount Alumni Mall Cam
.... (Los Angeles, California)

6) Maplewood Farm Cam
.... (Vancouver, Canada)
.... Maplewood Farm

: 06 Cams (12/13/05)

1) Exmouth Seafront WebCam
.... (Exmouth, Devon U.K.)

2) Oceanfront Holiday Inn Cams
.... (Hilton Head, South Carolina)

3) Monterey Bay Aquarium Cams
.... (Monterey, California)

4) Adobe Resort Cam
.... (Yachats, Oregon)

5) Renton Live Cam
.... (Renton, Washingon)

6) Cal Maritime Web Cam
.... (Vallejo, California)

: 02 Cams (06/29/05)

1) South Dakota School of Mines Dino Cam
.... (Grand Rapids, South Dakota)

2) Dunton Hot Springs Live Video
.... (Dutton Springs, Colordo)

.I am honored this website is included
in a January 1999 issue of Smart Computing
Magazine editorial titled "
Stop, Look & Listen-
Innovative Uses For Audio & Video On The Web."

Meredith Witulski featured 19 websites such as
Real Audio,CBS Sportsline, MTV, People
Magazine, Sony Music, & Marcus' Streaming
Video Cams. Thanks everyone.


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