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Click Here for Cams
in Australia,
Canada, Japan,
and Europe.

Here for Cams
in the eastern
Unites States

Click Here for Cams
in Australia,
Canada, Japan,
and Europe.

Here for Cams
in the eastern
Unites States

Click Here for Cams
in Australia,
Canada, Japan,
and Europe.

Here for Cams
in the eastern
Unites States

Click Here for Cams
in Australia,
Canada, Japan,
and Europe.

Here for Cams
in the eastern
Unites States

Click Here for Cams
in Australia,
Canada, Japan,
and Europe.

Here for Cams
in the eastern
Unites States

Click Here for Cams
in Australia,
Canada, Japan,
and Europe.

Here for Cams
in the eastern
Unites States

Click Here for Cams
in Australia,
Canada, Japan,
and Europe.

Here for Cams
in the eastern
Unites State

Click Here for Cams
in Australia,
Canada, Japan,
and Europe.

Here for Cams
in the eastern
Unites States

Click Here for Cams
in Australia,
Canada, Japan,
and Europe.

Here for Cams
in the eastern
Unites States

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You might want to start with my cam site

Marcus' Window View Cam.

See what's going on in the backyard.

305 Streaming Cams

: 09 Cams added February 22, 2006

Univ. of Alaska Museum Construction Cam
Univ. of Alaska Museum

West Valley Wuzzles Cam
This is a streaming video image showing the Ferret Cages from
The West Valley Ferret Breeding and Rescue Shelter.


Sedona Cam
A live, color stream of the beautiful countryside surrounding Sedona. Thanks Thom...

Sedona Live Views Web Cam
This camera tours over 12 Red Rock Formations in Sedona

Shack Cam
A live streaming cam inside "The Radio Shack" of Thomas Medlin.

Catalina Island

Catalina Live Cam
Live color stream from a cam mounted atop the Catalina Island Inn.
Beautiful view of the harbor at Avalon.

Hermosa Beach
Hermosa Beach Cam
A view looking north towards Santa Monica, taken from Hennessey's Tavern
at the Hermosa Beach Pier. Nice cam, beautiful night shot of a Christmas tree.
Thanks Richard.

James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve
James Reserve Forest Cam (Check out the new streaming Robotic Cam)
I love this web site and cam. This cam is located in Riverside County, CA,
13 km (9 miles) north of Idyllwild on State Highway 243. Only operates
during daylight hours Pacific Standard Time.
Image served by a Mac

Check out the
The Green Cafe Cam just down the road in Idyllwild .
( Real Player Plug-In required)

Los Angeles Area
Loyola Marymount Sunken Gardens Cam
Loyola Marymount Alumni Mall Cam
Live stream from Loyola Marymount University.

UCLA Bruin Cam

Live stream showing the Undergraduate Admissions Building.

Santa Monica
Pier Cam
Live view of the Santa Monica Pier.

Venice Beach
Venice Beach Cam
Live view of Venice Beach.

Los Gatos
Woz Cam
Live interactive color stream from Steve Wozniak's office. He and Steve Jobs
founded Apple Computer. Also
Valley Cam, Woz Arcade Cam &
Class Cam Image served by a Mac.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Cams
Watch six live video feeds from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Live 7 a.m - 7 p.m. Pacific time. Thanks Dave...

Palm Springs
Palm Springs Cam

Great view of the mountains in Palm Springs.

Palm Sprins Live Cam
Two 24 hour live cams showing the mountains and a
backyard swimming pool.

San Bernadino
A live stream from the campus of Cal State, San Bernardino.

San Diego
Beyond Bikes Cam
A live stream from a bike shop.

Del Mar Beach Cam Live
This camera is located at the main Lifeguard tower in Del Mar, CA. Connectivity to this
camera is via an ISDN line. The video steam is one of the fastest I have seen.

La Jolla
Scripps Pier Surf Cam

La Jolla Beach Cam

LiveNet San Diego Bay Cam
Live video stream showing a great view of San Diego Bay with Lindburgh
Field in the foreground. Sometimes the video is not live, but it will be live
full time soon.

San Diego Zoo Panda Cam
See Hua Mei sleeping in the branches of a tree in her exhibit area..

Shamu Cam
See Shamu live from Sea World of San Diego.

San Francisco Bay Area
Sproul Plaza Cam
Live view of Sproul Plaza.

San Francisco
Exploratorium Roof Cam
This camera view provides Live streaming images of San Francisco Bay
from the roof of the Exploratorium. You should see the Golden Gate Bridge
and the Marin Headlands. The picture is updated every few seconds.
Soon this camera will be controlled by visitors to the Exploratorium.

KTVU Live Cams
Fox affiliate KTVU says it offers its viewers more live cameras than any
other Bay Area television station. Currently the cameras are looking
at traffic trouble-spots and other times they look for breaking news events.
Four traffic cams and a roof cam were online when I checked.

NuSpectra SiteZap Cam
A live interactive stream looking outside their office in Alameda. Courtesy of
NuSpectra SiteZap Cam.
Image served by a Mac.

San Jose
Cyclura Lizard Cams
Cyclura.com is collections of photographs, information, and reference
all related to lizards presented for your enjoyment, curiosity and
research. Included in this fantastic web site are six, live, streaming color cams
showing the facilities and the lizards

Santa Barbara
Live Lagoon & Ocean View

Book Store Cam
A live, color stream from the Book Store entrance at The University of
California at Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara
Will's Live Cam
A live stream showing a mountain in Santa Barbara.

Cal Maritime Web Cam
CA streaming cam at the California Maritime Academy ( a California State University)
in Vallejo, California. The cam faces south across campus and features the school's
traing ship, the TS Golder Bear. Thanks Randy....

High Altitude Cams
Live inside & outside view from the High Altitude shop.

Dunton Hot Springs
Dunton Hot Springs Live Video
Live streaming showing cabins along the West fork of the Dolores River.
A beautiful view.

Grand Junction
Mesa State College Cam
Across the Quad and into the Libraary.

Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Sheraton Cam

Hamilton Library Cam
Live Video of Hamilton Library's Front Entrance at The University of Hawaii at
Manoa. The video streams for 10 secs., click 'reload' to contiue stream.

Maui Molokini Web Video Cam
LIVE! With night time shows!

Po'ipu Beach Kauai
Sheraton Kauai Cam
Live camera that pans around the grounds at the Sheraton Hotel on Kauai.
The Sheraton Kauai Resort, set amidst 20 acres of lush oceanfront gardens,
has held the premier position on Kauai's favorite beach at Po'ipu for over 30 years.

Insect Zoo Cam
An intereactive Site Cam from Reardon Technologies. This live camera
streams images of the Iowa State University Insect Zoo.
Iowa State Cam
A live view of the Memorial Union Plaza.
Thanks Jeff...

The Abbey Cam
Viewing the I-74 Bridge over
the Mississippi River from both sides of the river,
Illinois & Iowa.

The Sandbar Cam
Live stream from a local bar. Lawrence is the home of The University of Kansas.
Thanks for the link Deedee.

Wichita Cam
Live controllable stream from an ofice builiding. Thanks Erick....
Overland Park Cam
Live controllable stream from The Marriot Overland Park. Thanks Erick....

Gallery Cam
This is a live view of the Double Take Gallery.


Aerostitch Order Processing Cam
This is a live cam in the Aerostitch Rider Wear Order Processing Department.
Click on the 'Live Picture' icon on the right side of the page. Looks like they
have a great selection of rider wear for those of us with motorcycles...

Minnesota Power Lake Cam
This is what Lake Superior looks like right now in Duluth, Minnesota. The
camera is located atop Minnesota Power's General Office Building at the
intersection of Lake Avenue and Superior Street.

St. Louis

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Conrol Press Cam
View of the Press Room.
Bozeman Daily Chronicle Sky Cam
View of the Bozeman and the Mountains.


Eureka Web Cam
Live interactive stream of a street in Eureka.

Univ. of Montana-GrizCam
Live, streaming controllable campus cam.


Creighton Live
Elevated view of campus.

New Mexico
KOB-TV Cam located on top of the Hilton Hotel and the Big I (Intersection of Interstate 40
and Interstate 25.) There are Two Cams, the other cam is located at Comanche and Interstate 25.

Harry's Bar & Stage Cams
Live view of the stage inside Harry's Watering Hole.

North Dakota

Eskimo Joe's Bar Cam
Eskimo Joe's is located one block from Oklahoma State University.

Pine Mountain

Pine Mountain Cam
Pine Mountain is located 26 miles SE of Bend Oregon,
which is located in Central Oregon at an elevation of 6500 feet.
Thanks Bill...

Adobe Resort Cam
The Adobe Resort is located on Pacific Coast Hwy. 101, One mile from
the Coast Village of Yachats, right on the rocky Central Oregon Coastline.
Thanks Pam.

South Dakota
Deadwood Live Cams
Two cams in downtown Deadwood.

Corn Palace Cam
Live stream of the Michell Corn Palace. Thanks OMAR.

Rapid City
South Dakota School of Mines Cam
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Quad.

South Dakota School of Mines Dino Cam
South Dakota School of Mines Museum of Geology.
Cool view of Dinosaur Skeletons....

Sturgis Rally Cams
One Eyed Jack's Cam


Pool Cam

Turley Cam
Two live cams from the Law Offices of Windle Turley. One view looks South
toward Dallas and the N. Central Expressway and the other view shows
Southern Methodist University.

Galveston Cams
Live video from Galveston, Texas. A listing of live
cams from Downtown to the Gulf of Mexico surf cam.
Thanks Rick....


Copy Craft Cams
Live video from Copy Craft Printers Inc.
First Floor Bindery Cam , Second Floor Bindery Cam ,
4-6 Color Komori & Duplicator Room Cam ,
Strippin Department Cam , & Shipping & Receiving Cam/

Eastfield College Computer Lab Cam
View of the computer lab.

San Antonio
Travis Park
This is the view of the intersection of Navarro & Travis Streets
from the 8th floor of the South Texas Building.

Park City
Treasure Mountain Inn
Great live view of main street in Park City. Wonderful cam, Thanks Ken!

Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island Ferry Cam
Bainbridge Island's new Ferry camera gives you an up-to-the-moment
look at the entrance to the Winslow ferry.

Western Washington University Cam
Live, fast, high quality stream with a great view of a common area on
campus. Bellingham is located on Bellingham Bay with Mt. Baker as
its backdrop. This is the last major city before the Washington coastline
meets the Canadian border. Bellingham, the county seat, is 90 miles
north of Seattle and an hour south of Vancouver, B.C.
Image served by a Mac.

Deano's Yard Cam
This is a wireless ( WiFi) camera so occasionally he'll move it around
the house or outside for different view's. The current view is from their
RV parked out in their driveway, looking southeast toward the corner
of 51st and 156th Street in Redmond WA. (Right down the street from Microsoft)

Renton Live Cam
Bainbridge This video camera is located in the city of Renton, Washington at the southern
end of Lake Washington atop the new waterfront Bristol Apartments. The most common
view shown is of the swimming beach at neighboring Gene Coulon Park.
Thanks Skip...


Loft Cam Offline
After 11 years of Loftcam, the live image is gone.

Let me know if you find more 'Streaming Video' Cams,
I will be happy to add them.

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